Breaking Wind or Breaking Records: The Truth Behind Creatine Farts


While farting is a purely natural bodily process, it’s indeed an embarrassment creator. Whether it’s the noisy drama or a smelly slayer, we don’t want this display in public.

Now, imagine you’re putting on a show of smell and noise while working out in the gym – ahhh, unbearable! And while taking Creatine on a daily basis, you might end up making it responsible. But how far are creatine farts real?

However rare, creatine can make you gassy and flatulence. Creatine cause water retention and bloating that produce gas as a byproduct. It can cause excessive farts. Other factors can also cause it- low-quality creatine, dosage, what you mix creatine with, diet, bodily reaction, etc.

Let’s dig deeper into the link between creatine and farts and how to manage it.

The Science Behind Creatine Farts

Many people who consume creatine experience increased flatulence, a widespread issue in the fitness world. It mainly occurs during the loading phase, where higher doses of creatine are consumed for a few days. During this phase, creatine bloating may occur due to increased water retention.

Is creatine bloating endless? – find with us.

The digestion and breakdown of creatine in the body begins in the stomach. Once consumed, creatine is exposed to stomach acid, which helps break it into its basic form.

From the stomach, creatine moves into the small intestine, where digestive enzymes further break it down. The creatine is then absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to muscles, which plays a role in energy production during high-intensity exercise.

Any excess creatine not used by the body is converted to creatinine and excreted through the kidneys as waste.

Creatine Farts: The Science Behind The Smelly Noise

Possible Causes of Creatine-Induced Farts

Let’s check what makes you gassy and fart after taking creatine.

Reasons For Creatine FartsExplanation
Increase in Water RetentionCreatine supplementation can increase muscle water retention.
This increased water retention may cause stomach and intestinal distension.
Distension of the stomach and intestines can contribute to increased gas production.
Impact on Gut MicrobiotaCreatine supplementation can potentially alter the gut’s balance of bacteria.
Changes in gut microbiota composition and fermentation processes can occur.
These changes can lead to increased gas production.
Digestive SensitivitySome individuals may have a sensitive digestive system that reacts to creatine supplementation.
It’s possible to have digestive issues like feeling gassy and uncomfortable.
Dosage and Timing EffectsThe dosage and timing of creatine supplementation can influence gastrointestinal function.
Taking high doses of creatine or improper timing may disrupt the digestive process.
Disruption of the digestive process can contribute to increased gas production.
Poor Quality PowderCheap creatine may cause excessive farts as it’s harder to dissolve.
Interaction with Other SubstancesCreatine supplementation may interact while mixed with substances, such as protein supplements, protein shakes, sugar, fructose in fruit juice, coffee, etc.
These interactions can lead to changes in gastrointestinal function.
Changes in gastrointestinal function can affect digestion and contribute to increased gas production.
DietCertain food groups (for example, complex carbs) can cause adverse reactions, like flatulence, in some people while on creatine.
Individual VariationsEach individual may respond differently to creatine supplementation.
Factors such as genetics, pre-existing digestive conditions, and overall health can influence the gastrointestinal response to creatine.
These factors can contribute to increased gas production.
Possible Reasons For Farts While On Creatine

Does Creatine Cause Smelly Farts?

Usually, creatine doesn’t cause smelly farts; however, it can be smelly due to various protein sources in your gut. Creatine can increase the bacteria in your gut that produce gas as a byproduct of their metabolism.

If you are taking creatine and experiencing smelly farts, there are a few things you can do to reduce the problem.

  • Drink plenty of water. It will help to flush out the excess creatine and bacteria from your system.
  • Take a probiotic supplement. Probiotics are live bacteria that can help to balance the bacteria in your gut.
  • Reducing the creatine you take as a higher dosage can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and farts.

Does Creatine Have Poop Side Effects?

As with many supplements or medications, excessive doses may cause digestive issues. In a 2008 study, a 5-gram dose (taken twice daily) caused diarrhea in 29% of participants, which was not significantly different from the placebo. However, a 10-gram dose (taken once per day) increased diarrhea risk by 56%.

Learn more about creatine diarrhea.

Does Creatine Make You Fart?

Strategies for Managing Creatine-Induced Flatulence

Here are a few practical tips to minimize or manage the occurrence of creatine farts.

CategoryTips to Minimize or Manage Creatine Farts
HydrationProper hydration supports natural digestive processes and reduces the occurrence of farts.

Check how much water to drink while on creatine.
DosageGradually increases creatine dosage instead of a loading phase. Start with a lower dose (3-5 grams) and let your body adjust gradually to minimize digestive disturbances.
ConsumptionTake creatine with food, preferably with a meal or snack.

Consuming creatine with food slows down absorption and reduces digestive discomfort.
Micronized CreatineConsider using micronized creatine with smaller particles to ease dissolution and absorption, potentially minimizing gastrointestinal distress and gas production.

Find out the differences between monohydrate and micronized creatine.
Dietary FiberIncrease fiber intake from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fiber promotes regular bowel movements and improves overall digestive health.

Check if you mix creatine with overnight oats.
Ginger or PeppermintOpt for ginger or peppermint tea to alleviate gas and bloating. They have soothing effects on the digestive system.
Creatine Farts: How To Manage The Noisy Smell


Creatine farts are often misunderstood as a sign of poor digestion. It is important to recognize that creatine farts are a normal physiological response from specific factors related to creatine supplementation.

Individuals can confidently navigate this temporary side effect by understanding the reasons behind increased gas production, such as water retention and potential changes in gut microbiota. With practical tips and considering dietary adjustments, you can minimize any discomfort from Creatine.

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