Can I Mix Creatine In Overnight Oats? [Explained]

Overnight oats are not something new. However, the recent outburst in social media about the health benefits of overnight oats makes it a new lifestyle trend. Celebrities like Kristin Cavallari and Ariana Grande have included it in their breakfast and talked about it publicly.

But what if you are a bodybuilding enthusiast or looking for muscle gain? The obvious question you will have is, can I mix creatine in overnight oats?

Yes, you can mix creatine in overnight oats. But it is recommended to add creatine right before eating the oats in the morning. Leaving the creatine in the oat overnight will turn it into cyclic creatinine with degraded potency. You can leave creatine in oats for a couple of hours but not overnight.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have creatine oatmeal at all. There are several ways to incorporate the potency of creatine with the goodness of oats. Let me tell you how.

How to Make Overnight Oats With Creatine?

Well, the simplest way is to add the creatine powder right before eating the oats. You can do it the first thing in the morning to get a better taste. However, make sure not to keep creatine powder for more than four hours in any mix.

Things You Need To Make Overnight Oats With Creatine

  • 300ml of milk (up to your choice)
  • 100g oats (I prefer whole oats)
  • 100g greek yogurt
  • Berries or fruits of your choice
  • 1 scoop of Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder
  • 2 tbsp of chia or flax seeds

How To Make Overnight Oat

  • Add the oats and seeds to the milk. Mix them well with a spoon or spatula.
  • Put the mixture in the fridge overnight.
  • Put creatine and mix it well.
  • Top the mixture with greek yurt and berries.
  • If you want, put peanut butter as an add-on.
  • Now enjoy the greatness of oats and creatine.

Creatine In Overnight Oats: Just Myth or Make Sense?

creatine in overnight oats

It seems like a great idea to add creatine to overnight oats. However, we already know that the outcome will be counterproductive.

If you leave creatine in overnight oat mixes like yogurt or berries, it will eventually become creatinine. So, what is the difference between creatine vs creatinine?

Creatinine is the end product of dietary creatine through metabolism in your muscle. And this creatinine is simply excreted through your urine.

When you leave creatine overnight in the oat, you will get degraded creatinine in the morning. It will be of no use to your muscles and body.

Do you really want that? I am sure you don’t. You know the daily limit of your creatine intake. So, there is no point in wasting it.

Benefits of Overnight Oats (High Protein Oatmeal)

As I said initially, the benefits of overnight oats have been well-known for decades. Whether you are looking for a power breakfast or a good heart condition, this version of oatmeal has all of them.

Helps To Absorb More Nutrients

Oat mixed in something sour breaks down the phytic acid. The acid works as an antinutrient that prevents essential minerals like copper, zinc, biotin, magnesium, and vitamin B from getting absorbed into the body.

The acid disrupts the digestive enzymes and blocks the absorption of minerals. If you consider getting the maximum benefits of creatine, think about alternative ways.

Taking creatine in overnight oats will enhance the metabolism, and you will get a quick rush of energy in the muscles. How cool is that?

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Make You Feel Fuller

The oat grains got bigger in volume when soaked in milk or yogurt. This helps make your stomach full with the widespread good gut bacteria. And when you mix creatine in oatmeal that is activated due to soaking, the outcome will be excellent.

As a result, you won’t have carb-craving for long hours with more fat burning.

Stop Frequent Eating

When you are already feeling full, there is almost no chance of picking a donut for coffee or a cheesy sandwich for brunch. Overnight oats stop poor food choices and keep you focused on your health goals.

Limiting your fat and caffeine intake will give the creatine in overnight oats more time to work inside your body. And the creatine in cereal will generate more energy for your muscles.

Welcome Good carbs

Yes, you don’t have to say goodbye to carbs with creatine and oats. In fact, you can have more healthy carbs that are perfect for your gut and heart.

What Should You Not Mix Creatine With?

You can mix creatine with almost any food and enjoy the benefits. Nevertheless, mixing the powder right before you enjoy the meal is better.

Sounds redundant, huh?

Ok, let me give you the list of drugs and foods you should not mix with creatine.

  • Caffeine (mixing with creatine can initiate stroke)
  • Ephedra (combining with creatine can trigger stroke)
  • Probenecid (can lead to kidney damage if mixed with creatine)
  • NSAIDs (creatine can damage kidneys while mixed with NSAIDs)
  • Diuretics (it can create severe dehydration when mixed with creatine)
  • Cimetidine (can lead to kidney damage if mixed with creatine)

Can I Mix Creatine Mono In Coffee?

It is not recommended to mix creatine in coffee. The caffeine in the coffee and creatine can result in severe dehydration if you do not drink enough water. The impact can be more severe than creatine in overnight oats.

Caffeine works as a diuretic that leads to frequent urination. On the other hand, Creatine uses a lot of water to work effectively. As a result, your body will lose a significant amount of fluid when you take those two together.


Can I Put Creatine in Yogurt?

Yes, you can. Like the oats, you must mix creatine in the yogurt right before or a few hours before eating. Give it a nice whisk if you feel a bit of grittiness in the yogurt.

Keep in mind that if the creatine is not dissolved properly, it may cause heartburn and other GI-related discomforts.

Can I Put Creatine in My Food?

There is no harm in mixing creatine in food. Even if you ask if you can put creatine in scrambled eggs, my answer is, why not? However, the degradation process will be quicker when you add it to an acidic beverage. So, it will be better to drink them as quickly as possible.

Is Creatine Better With Water or Milk?

It is a standard practice to use creatine with water. Creatine dissolves better in warm water. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it with milk. The natural lactose in milk helps to expedite the creatine absorption process.

Can Creatine Be Heated?

It’s better not to heat creatine. The high temperature will degrade creatine into creatinine more quickly. As creatinine has no health benefits so heating creatine will not be a good idea if you want an instant boost in muscle strength


Creatine in overnight oats is not a good idea if getting the maximum benefits from both is your objective. Try to be creative with your oatmeal preparation and top it with creatine to have the best outcome.

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