Can You Put Creatine in Coffee: It’s A Risk or Reward?

How about starting your day with a piping hot cup of joe and fueling your workouts with creatine? It could be the boost you need as a coffee lover and fitness enthusiast. But can you put creatine in coffee?

You can indeed put creatine in your coffee, but research on combining creatine and caffeine has shown mixed results. Some studies suggest caffeine may impair absorption and effectiveness, while others have found no significant impact on performance.

Why don’t you read the article to know whether mixing creatine with coffee will be rewarding or the reckless risk of ruining your fitness goal?

Can You Put Creatine In Coffee?

Technically, you can mix creatine with coffee, but it may not be the wisest idea. A study suggested that mixing coffee with creatine may not have any significant impact on your fitness and performance. Instead, it may cause digestive issues and other side effects.

Besides being a diuretic, coffee may increase urine production and lead to dehydration. Moreover, caffeine in coffee may interfere with creatine absorption, reducing its effectiveness.

However, another study showed that mixing creatine with caffeine in coffee can improve lean body mass and performance while involving HIIT. Besides, according to a study, taking a pre-workout supplement with creatine and caffeine in coffee for 28 days may increase aerobic capacity and muscular strength.

However, research in this area is still insufficient; you can’t ignore the impact of creatine and coffee individually. While creatine helps enhance your athletic performance, muscle mass, and recovery, coffee can improve your mental focus, energy, and exercise performance.

Now, if you consider the taste, creatine is usually tasteless. So mixing it with coffee will not degrade the taste of your power liquid.

But before you mix creatine with coffee, research its pros and cons and consult a professional.

Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of creatine.


The Benefits Of Putting Creatine In Coffee

Here are the potential benefits of creatine in coffee and how it may affect your workout performance.

Exercise Performance

Creatine is well-known for boosting ATP availability in the muscles, while caffeine can reduce fatigue and improve endurance. Combined, these two compounds may work together to give you an even bigger performance boost.

Muscle Mass and Strength

Creatine and coffee are both known for their ability to increase muscle mass and strength. Creatine helps to increase water and glycogen stored in the muscles, while caffeine stimulates the nervous system and hormones, enhancing muscle strength and mass. Therefore, incorporating both into your routine can be an effective way to reach your fitness goals.

Cognitive Function

Creatine has potential benefits for cognitive function and may improve memory and reduce mental fatigue. Also, caffeine may improve cognitive function, including memory, focus, and attention. So, creatine with coffee may enhance the cognitive benefits of both compounds and improve mental performance.

Other Potential Health Benefits

Both creatine and coffee have various potential health benefits beyond their effects on exercise performance and muscle mass. Creatine supplementation may help to reduce inflammation, improve heart health, and enhance immune function.

Similarly, coffee consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of several chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, which may help to protect against oxidative damage and inflammation in the body.

Side Effects Of Putting Creatine In Coffee

While both creatine and coffee have benefits, some wonder if combining them could produce any side effects. Here are some points to consider.


Both creatine and coffee can contribute to dehydration, especially when taken in large amounts. Creatine increases water retention in muscles, which can cause dehydration if you don’t drink enough fluids. Conversely, caffeine is a diuretic that can increase urine output, leading to dehydration.

When taken together, the risk of dehydration is further increased, so you should stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Stomach Upset

Creatine and coffee can cause stomach upset, particularly when taken on an empty stomach. Creatine can cause stomach pain, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea if taken in large amounts or not used to it. Coffee, especially in excess, can cause stomach discomfort, acid reflux, and heartburn.


Caffeine is a stimulant that can interfere with sleep if taken in the evening or close to bedtime. On the other hand, creatine can cause restlessness and insomnia if taken in large amounts or close to bedtime. When taken together, the risk of insomnia is increased, so it’s best to avoid taking coffee and creatine before bed.


Creatine and caffeine are both stimulants that can increase energy, focus, and alertness. However, taking them together can lead to overstimulation, which can cause anxiety and nervousness. If you’re sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, avoiding taking them together or reducing your intake is best.

Interference with medication

Creatine and caffeine may interfere with certain medications, so checking with your doctor before taking them together is important.


How To Take Creatine With Coffee Correctly

If you want to mix creatine in your coffee, here are a few things you should consider.

  • Ensure that the temperature of the coffee is not too high (creatine can start to degrade at temperatures), which can lessen its potency and effectiveness.
  • It’s best to drink your creatine and coffee concoction right after mixing it, as creatine can start to deteriorate once exposed to liquid.
  • Ensure you drink enough fluids throughout the day and don’t rely solely on coffee for hydration.
  • If you add sugar or cream to your coffee, it’s essential to be mindful of the additional calories and their impact on your diet.
  • Aim for 0.9–2.7 mg of caffeine per pound of body weight for optimal results during exercise. Take 0.3 g of creatine per kg of body weight per day for 5-7 days. When taking new supplements or changing doses, consult your doctor.

Although you can mix creatine with coffee, it’s wise to take it with water (a cup of water for 3 to 5g of creatine powder) or a food source to support its effective absorption. 

Besides, taking creatine with a carbohydrate-rich meal is generally recommended to increase creatine absorption. You can also avoid any potential stomach discomfort.

You can also take creatine with fruit juice or tea or mix it with healthy oats.

When Should You Take Creatine With Coffee?

When mixing creatine and coffee into your diet, you should consider their optimal timing and manner of consumption. It’s wise to take creatine with coffee before or after your workout. It will give you that extra rep to fulfill your fitness goal.

Also, At the same time, avoiding drinking coffee on an empty stomach is advised to prevent any gastrointestinal issues.

Further, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, consuming coffee with creatine in the evening or at night may interfere with your sleep, so it’s best to be mindful of the timing of your supplement intake. 

To ensure these supplements’ safe and effective use, seeking personalized advice from a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian is highly recommended. They can guide the optimal usage of creatine and coffee based on your unique circumstances and needs.


Can you put creatine in hot drinks?

You can put creatine in hot drinks such as milk, tea, or coffee. But, putting creatine in hot drinks may break down and degrade creatine molecules, reducing its effectiveness.

Can you put creatine in food? 

Yes, you can add creatine to your food as a supplement. You can easily mix the powder form into various food and drink products, such as protein shakes or smoothies, to provide an extra boost. But don’t forget to follow recommended dosages and consult a healthcare professional before incorporating creatine into your diet.

Should I take creatine before or after coffee?

Well, you can take them together immediately before exercise or take caffeine before exercise and creatine either right before or right after. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before adding supplements to your routine.


Final Thoughts

Are you on the hunt for the perfect pre-workout beverage? Then, you might be wondering: can you put creatine in coffee for an extra boost?

The answer is yes, you can! Adding creatine to your coffee may provide some awesome benefits, but any supplement has potential risks. Before you start spiking your cup of coffee with creatine, you should talk to a qualified expert who can guide you on whether it’s safe and suitable for your goals.

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