Is Creatine Compatible With Milk?

You should be as strict as possible when taking any supplement. However, a regular drink for months must also taste good to interest you. For this reason, people add other liquids with creatine, like milk, to replace bland water.

While milk is a healthy drink packed with nutrients, is it the right choice? Can you take creatine with milk?

Creatine is safe to take with milk without any additional benefits. Some studies also show that milk can help to digest and absorb creatine faster. Besides, creatine dissolves properly in warm milk. So, you can gain the total nutrients both from milk and creatine.

Learn whether you can drink creatine with milk, other items to mix with creatine, the benefits and drawbacks, and when to take it.

Creatine with Milk: Is It Safe?

You can easily add milk, preferably warm, to your creatine to make a drink.

Simply adding water makes the mix quite bland since neither creatine powder nor water has any flavor. But creatine is also soluble in other liquids, and milk is one of the best choices.

You can check what does creatine taste like.

It is excellent for those who have no issue with dairy and follow a sugarless diet. Milk will help to absorb creatine faster. Lactose in milk boosts its functions in the muscles with better absorption. Choose skim or 2% milk for better digestion, as they are low in fat.

Milk offers more calories and 5-8g of fat suitable for gaining weight. It also has around 13g of protein and carbs to meet your daily requirements. With more protein and carbs, you can repair damaged tissues faster for growth and have more energy to run for the day.

creatine with milk

You also get sufficient minerals to remove deficiency, like riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, potassium, and magnesium, including vitamins like A and B12. You need them for better health, stronger bones and teeth, energy, and metabolism.

High-glycemic index in any beverage is useful for producing insulin. Since milk has a low glycemic index of around 27 to 34, it allows less creatine for the mixture than creatine with juice or water. So, milk will also need something else, like sugar or honey, to mix more creatine.

However, if you are lactose intolerant, this isn’t a good mix, as it can cause bloating or acidity. In that case, you can use vegan or lactose-free milk.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adding Milk with Creatine

Milk with creatine is not only safe but also comes with a lot of benefits.

  • The loading phase can be shortened to around 3 days if you use milk since the body can reserve 25% more creatine.
  • It adds some flavor to the plain creatine powder with a creamy texture.
  • It can make you full so that you can feel less hungry.
  • Creatine will mix thoroughly in warm milk than water for faster absorption.
  • You will have better digestion and other body functions that will allow for better sleep.

However, milk is also a food that causes health issues in people, so mixing it with creatine can cause some problems.

  • Since milk adds more calories, it can become a problem for weight loss.
  • Those lactose intolerants might suffer from gas, bloating, or creatine diarrhea.

Milk and Protein

Some consumers take creatine and protein supplements together for greater strength and muscles. You can also add milk as the solvent for both of them. Make the mixture before a workout to get the best out of both to grow bigger muscles and train for longer.


You can also make a creatine smoothie with bananas and other fruits together. But bananas alone are great for offering you various nutrients. It also provides more energy for intense workouts.

creatine with milk


Since most people take protein and creatine together, whey protein is a greater option for milk. You will get protein benefits, but they don’t do anything extra to build muscles and gain energy. The energy you gain will be the same as pure creatine and water drink.

Chocolate Milk

If you want milk with creatine, you can also use chocolate milk. But chocolate milk or similarly flavored drinks like Ovaltine or Milo have artificial elements and a lot of sugar. It isn’t a good option for low-carb diets or diabetic patients.

When to Drink Creatine with Milk?

Timing isn’t fixed with creatine intake. But you must ensure consistency in your schedule and never miss any dose.

Creatine with milk works best when taken before a workout. You will have a lot of creatine for longer hours of exercise. Milk will also add more fuel and calories. But use low-fat milk for a faster metabolism.

You can also drink creatine with milk post-workout to gain some energy lost during exercise. You can also repair and grow damaged tissues.

Start the day with a cup of milk and creatine to boost up. This is good for pre-workout and rest days, so you don’t forget any dose. You can also fulfill your protein intake for the day with milk.

Finally, drinking milk and creatine before bed will offer a good sleep and help you recover from a workout.

Is It All About the Temperature of Milk with Creatine?

People often think that a certain level of warmth would be effective for the creatine mix. But there is no evidence that a warmer mix will do anything better than the one in regular temperature. 

When the liquid is warm, creatine will dissolve easily, especially monohydrate. Even then, creatine’s bioavailability stays at 95% or more.

Can you heat up or cook creatine?

So, regardless of the type of solvent and temperature, creatine must mix well with the liquid. Otherwise, it will cause digestive distress. So, if you have any digestive problems, then it is better to add creatine to warm milk for better absorption.

Milk or Water: Any Difference?

Now comes the debate, which liquid is better, milk or water?

Creatine can be mixed with other liquids, but milk and water are common choices. Both are better alternatives for people with diabetes or maintaining a low-carb or sugar-free diet.

However, you can drink a lot of water throughout the day, but milk only once or twice. So, even using a milk mix, you need to drink water. Warm milk will make the mixture more soluble, and we don’t usually drink warm water. But whether you use warm water or milk, creatine functions will not change.

Milk is a better option for proper absorption. On the other hand, water is the right choice if you have digestive problems. Milk will also add a little carb, which might not be desirable for a protein-rich lifestyle to build lean muscles. Again with water, you can easily enhance the taste with many options like sparkling water, juice, or sodas.

It all comes down to your preferences and health condition. But no matter what, always choose creatine monohydrate for better results with any solvent.


What is the recommended dose for solvent and creatine?

For every 5g of creatine scoop, you can use around 200 to 250 ml of liquid or 1 to 2 cups of milk. This will allow a good mixture with no lumps. But drink a lot of water or other fluid afterward for better absorption and to prevent dehydration.

What else can you add to creatine?

You can add any liquid with creatine, like juice, smoothies, honey, etc. But avoid using caffeine products, alcohol, and orange juice.


Milk is a good option for your creatine mix. It offers some flavor and essential elements for good health. If you use low-fat milk, you can have it regularly with your prescribed dosage. However, milk can be problematic for people with lactose intolerance, so no matter what you add to your creatine, always consult your physician.

Do remember that milk with creatine won’t cause any additional changes to creatine functions. Creatine will work the same in any liquid mix. So, apart from milk, you have countless other beverages to mix, depending on your taste.

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