Mixing Creatine and Protein Powder: Tips for Boosting Your Athletic Performance

Whether you are an athlete or want more energy for a tired lifestyle, you will want something to charge you up. Creatine is the answer to this problem.

Consider taking other supplements to boost the process of gaining more strength and muscles. How about mixing creatine with protein powder? Will it create some magic?

Read here to learn more about mixing other supplements with creatine, possible benefits, and the correct way to do this for maximum results. This is because mixing creatine with protein is safe!

Can You Mix Creatine with Protein Powder?

Creatine and protein are both sources of important amino acids in the body. So, yes, you can mix creatine with protein powder. Since both are supplements, you might be concerned whether they will interact and create discomfort. But studies showed that both are safe to take. Instead, two supplements together offer additional health benefits when mixed with taking them individually.

We take creatine to have energy for heavy workout sessions and build muscles. It also helps to gain strength, repair muscle tissues, and improve overall health. Protein is usually taken post-workout for faster muscle recovery and growth. Together, they will significantly impact the post- and pre-exercise muscles’ recovery and growth.

All you have to do is find a certified brand of creatine and protein to ensure safety. Then check for the recommended dosage and timing for creatine or protein powder. You are all set to go!

Reasons to Take Them Together

But now you need to know why you would consider taking them together and why creatine isn’t enough.

Further Enhancement of Muscles Growth and Strength

Creatine will provide phosphocreatine to make ATP. This is a source of energy needed for muscle contractions during high-intensity workouts. Protein powder after training will help you regain strength and repair damaged tissue.

can you mix creatine with protein powder

A Burst of Energy Loaded in the Body

Within a short time, you get a lot of energy never to stop training. This includes heavy weight lifting, sprinting, or other sports. Afterward, you have protein for muscle therapy to repair and grow tissues. Protein also allows muscle protein synthesis that enhances muscle growth by creatine. You also relieve muscle strains.

Better Absorption

When creatine and protein combine, creatine is absorbed more easily, and less sugar is needed to transfer creatine to the muscles. So, you can reduce carbs in your diet. This means more boost in muscle mass.

Increased Protein and Calorie Intake

When you work out or train heavily, you will need a lot of protein to boost muscle growth and remain active. Besides, a protein with creatine will ensure you don’t become deficient in nutrients. Otherwise, the body will break its muscle tissues to build new ones. But protein will ensure you don’t suffer pain or tissue damage.

By taking protein powder, you are gaining 110 calories per scoop. Apart from your regular diet, this extra calorie is necessary to help increase muscles.


The more protein you have inside the body, the more satiety it will offer. Protein doesn’t break down easily, so you feel full for a long time. This will allow you to minimize food intake and reduce calories to avoid unwanted weight gain. So, everything is used to help creatine to lead to more muscle growth.


Lastly, instead of taking each supplement separately at different times, why not take it all simultaneously? It gets easier to digest using a single shake. You don’t need to keep track of different timings and prepare everything each time. Simply add the scoops to a single liquid to mix. You can also try creatine-enriched drinks for some extra boost.

Is there any side effect from mixing creatine and protein?

The benefits of taking creatine and protein can have a counter effect on some consumers. Since they will increase the overall calorie intake, maintaining weight is difficult.

Besides, those opting to gain weight for muscle growth will lose their appetite to eat more.

But most importantly, you might experience digestive distress from too much supplement and less water intake from one drink. This includes stomach pains, vomiting, or even diarrhea. However, not evident enough that it happens to every consumer or that this is something fatal.

Creatine and Whey Protein Together

Whey is a primary source of protein separated from cheese to be used in dairy. This is the component needed to make a protein powder. Like protein and creatine, whey protein with creatine will also show wonderful effects on the body. They are also safe to take together. However, whey won’t work as an alternative to creatine.

However, some consumers have claimed no added advantages to taking them combined. The increase in muscle mass and strength remained the same as when taken separately.

So, it might seem that you don’t need to take both. But remember that creatine only provides energy, and whey protein could be useful for faster recovery from damage. Besides, consider taking both together to maximize muscle growth and gain strength.

Whey protein will increase protein absorption. Both of them together make a wonderful post-workout drink. At least nothing will go wrong.

Can You Take Creatine with Whey Protein after a Workout?

Both creatine and whey protein or any other protein powder is suitable for taking after a workout. Creatine will be easily absorbed and used after a workout when the muscle cells are stimulated to increase blood circulation.

Protein, on the other hand, is a great drink for post-workout. It will speed up muscle growth and repair.

Creatine with Pre-workout

Creatine and Pre-workout have similarities and are often taken together. There are no health issues in combining them. Many think that the two together will enhance their functions of providing energy and increasing muscles.

If your Pre-workout doesn’t have any creatine, then mix them. But there are no added advantages in mixing them, apart from their original purpose. So, it’s better to know the differences between pre-workouts and creatine before mixing.

Creatine and BCAA

BCAA is another protein supplement with the star amino acid Leucine to mix with creatine. You must take this shake before your workout session or intense training. This will avoid any muscle pain or strain during a workout.

Our bodies need 6g of Leucine regularly. BCAA provides this amino acid that will work with creatine to maintain your muscles. Creatine reduces Leucine oxidation so that muscles aren’t lost. Together, BCAA and creatine will allow muscle synthesis in the long run. So, you have better growth and repair of muscles.

Creatine with Milk

If you have no issues with dairy, milk is a great liquid to mix your creatine or protein. It dissolves the powder easily for better absorption.

Many suggested that milk or warm water is better for mixing creatine than only water. Then you can rest assured that you will easily dissolve creatine and not suffer from bloating. But lactose-intolerant consumers should avoid doing it.

Check whether you can have creatine with orange juice.

When Can You Take Creatine and Protein for Maximum Benefits?

Timing is crucial to ensure that taking creatine and protein together would benefit the body. They offer the best effects when taken after a workout. So, drink the shake at least half an hour after training. The muscles will be hungry to take some extra nutrients from the supplementation. This would kickstart the recovery process and restore energy.

The muscles also absorb more sugar and amino acids during this time for storing more glycogen for energy.

If you are using Pre-workout, combine them for a drink before a workout.

Apart from timing, the dosage is also necessary to mark. For every 3-5g of creatine daily, you will need 20-25g of protein powder. The ratio of whey protein and creatine is 6:1.

Add one scoop of whey protein to 5g of creatine to understand the scoops. Add a lot of liquid, like water or milk, and dissolve well into a solution. Or you can add a creatine pill to a prepared protein shake or energy drink.

Add some sugar as a source of carbohydrates to increase insulin. This will help to absorb more creatine.

Best Protein Powder with Creatine

Since creatine and protein are safe to use together, you can choose any brand. Some notable ones have proved to be highly beneficial to different users.


Is it better to take creatine and protein separately?

There is no reason to take each supplement separately unless you have some deficiency. Besides, individually they aren’t very effective either. Rather, protein and creatine together will enhance performance, absorption, and other functions.

Who should avoid taking creatine and protein together?

Usually, people who take them together want to gain mass along with some muscles or lose weight and maintain fitness. However, since creatine and protein can hamper either function, people with serious weight issues or struggling to maintain it should avoid taking both supplements separately or together.


So creatine can be mixed with any protein powder easily with your choice of liquid. It is both safe and effective. This also means that creatine is a flexible supplement with many health benefits. Whether you are a professional trainer, athlete, or commoner, creatine is your friend.

You need to fix the right amount of scoops to mix them so that you don’t overdo them. In addition, it is a good idea to consult your physician before you take any supplements. While protein and creatine don’t cause many side effects, they can be problematic for people struggling with weight or digestive disorders.

But this doesn’t mean you need to take them separately, because there won’t be any extra effect.

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