Energy Drinks with Creatine: A Source of Muscle Power?

Creatine is a crucial element required for good health. Even if the body makes it, we want extra for boosting energy, decreasing deficiency, and growing stronger muscles. However, not everyone relies well on creatine supplements for the side effects or the long time needed for any effective change.

We can either opt for alternative supplements. But what if there was something that offered instant results, like energy drinks?

Are there drinks with creatine in them?

You can find various brands of energy drinks that claim to add creatine and other amino acids. These drinks can also have similar effects to supplements. Besides, they will boost our energy and overall physical strength faster. Energy drinks have little or no side effects. 

Explore further to see which energy drinks are great for creatine and whether these are all you need.

5 Drinks with Creatine in Them

Instead of getting a daily dose of creatine powder or liquid supplements, how about drinks with sufficient creatine? Energy drinks are usually preferred with their various flavors and instant effect. You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym to take these drinks.

Bang Sugar-Free with Super Creatine Energy Drink

Here is a drink with zero carbs and sugar but with a great taste. You can choose from 8 different flavors. There are all from cherry, lemonade, and vanilla to pie and cotton candy. One can is enough to provide a lot of energy and elements like CoQ10, essential amino acids, and super creatine. But most importantly, it is safe, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free.

Bang Sugar-Free Energy Drink with Super Creatine

• 300 mg of caffeine per 16 oz. can
• NO sugar
• ZERO calories
• NO carbs


Bang Rainbow Unicorn Energy Drink

Another sugar and carb-free energy drink with various benefits. It has caffeine to help with focus, alertness, strength, and endurance. Again an energy drink with super creatine and other essential amino acids. Diabetic patients can take them as they won’t mess up blood sugar levels.

Bang Rainbow Unicorn Energy Drink with Super Creatine

• 300 mg of caffeine per 16 oz. can
• NO sugar
• ZERO calories
• NO carbs

Bang CoQ10 & Creatine Energy Drink

Like Bang energy drinks, this one is free from sugar and carbs but has essential amino acids, including CoQ10 and creatine. Besides, it also balances our electrolytes. Even with a range of flavors, there are no artificial colors or additives.

Bang Energy Drink with CoQ10 Creatine Strawberry Blast

• 300 mg of caffeine per 16 oz. can
• EAA Aminos
• CoQ10
• NO sugar
• ZERO calories


X2 Clean Energy Drink

This drink has only natural ingredients, including caffeine and some useful antioxidants from extracts of green tea. Although it has sugar, the source is pure honey and cane. A single drink can offer long-lasting energy for a day. Even with an intense workout, you don’t feel bloated or tired.

X2 Clean Energy Drink With Low Calorie & Low Sugar

  • Long-lasting energy with only clean ingredients
  • 114 mg of natural caffeine and antioxidants from green tea
  • 4 natural sugars, including pure honey and cane sugar
  • No bloating before your workout


C4 Energy Carbonated Zero Sugar Energy Drink

Another high-caffeine energy drink for an explosion of energy. Not only does it offer creatine, but it also improves our overall performance in sports or workouts. It is also sugar-free and suitable for both men and women.

Unlike others, there is beta-alanine to boost muscle building and endurance and prevent fatigue. This zero-calorie drink is also available in different flavors, from strawberry, cherry, watermelon, and vanilla, to cotton candy.

C4 Energy & Smart Energy Drinks Sugar-Free Performance Drink

  • 200 mg InnovaTea Naturally Derived Caffeine produced from tea leaves
  • Infused with clinically studied ingredients to support mental focus and energy
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero carbs


You can mix creatine in oats or beverages and make it a superfood.

The Best Energy Drink with Creatine

Undoubtedly, the best energy drinks in the market with a mix of essential elements are from Bang and C4. But all types of energy drinks with a range of flavors from Bang are the best and favorite among trainers and athletes. People of all levels, either commoners or athletes, can have this drink.

Bang Super Energy Drink

Bang Energy Drink is widely popular for its content and is primarily known for having creatine. However, many consumers suspect there is hardly any noticeable amount of creatine. There is also the debate that the super creatine in it isn’t the same as regular creatine.

Then we might wonder what the ingredients are and how effective this energy drink offers us creatine and overall physical strength.


The main components of Bang are

  • Zero calories, fat, carbs, and sugar
  • 300 mg of caffeine 
  • 40 mg sodium
  • 85 mg of potassium
  • Vitamin B6, B12, C, and Niacin
  • Magnesium 
  • Sucralose
  • Super creatine 
  • Calcium chloride
  • Calcium disodium EDTA

Super creatine is a form of creatine bonded with another amino acid called L-leucine. It isn’t the same as creatine and is water-soluble. Each Bang drink offers around 0.032 g of super creatine. But this isn’t the creatine we want for energy and muscle building.

Super creatine helps us to concentrate well and also improves training. But the amount is too low for you to rely on it.

In the end, you might need a creatine supplement along with it or increase protein-rich foods in the diet.

Side Effects

Super creatine breaks down into creatinine after we drink Bang. In the bloodstream, creatinine builds up and can cause severe damage to the kidneys. High amounts of creatinine can lead to kidney failure.

However, Bang Energy Drink has a meager amount of super creatine to create the risk of this from happening.

Super Creatine vs Creatine

Let’s find out all the characteristics of these two chemicals to see how they differ.

Super CreatineCreatine 
It is a branched-chain amino acid.It is a straight-chain amino acid.
Creatine is bonded to L-leucine.A type of amino acid made in the body.
It breaks down in the liver into creatinine.It breaks down to provide ATP for energy.
Induces risk of liver toxicity.Affects both liver and kidneys from long-term use.
Helps with mental focus and cognitive abilities.Helps to provide enough energy to gain strength and build muscles.

Recipe for Creatine Energy Drink

Instead of buying energy drinks, you can easily make them at home. This is more cost-effective and healthier for regular use. Besides, it’s effortless to make instant energy.

Take some creatine powder, even creatine monohydrate. A tablespoon or two will work. Then make your favorite flavored drink. This can include citrus fruit juice, banana smoothie, coconut water, or apple cider vinegar. Add the creatine powder to it. Mix the liquid thoroughly with water to thin out the consistency.

You can make this drink in bulk volume and store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Benefits of Mixing Creatine with Energy Drinks

Whether you get some energy drinks with creatine or make a drink at home, these benefit our overall health differently.

Increase in Alertness

We become more alert when our heart pumps faster with more energy. This allows us to become mentally prepared for any circumstances. Caffeine is the one contributing to this benefit. So, it gets easier to work nonstop, either overtime or night shifts, with no fatigue.

Enhances Overall Performance

We are more motivated and ready for intense workouts as we have more energy. These drinks allow us to continue training with less fatigue and pain. We also feel strength in muscles and overall endurance. You have more power for more effort.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Besides physical strength, you will also improve your mental abilities. This includes sharper memory, processing, and brain functions. Then you can become better prepared for any challenging task and make tough decisions.

woman feeling mentally boosted after taking drinks with creatine in them

The Disadvantage

But energy drinks and creatine can also cause some health problems.

High Sugar Intake

Unless the energy drink is sugar-free, most beverages have added sugar. Usually, this isn’t natural sugar. By taking so much sugar regularly, you are increasing your blood sugar. It can also lead to obesity and creatine-induced PCOS in women.

Increases Anxiety

Energy drinks are said to cause anxiety in consumers. This is especially harmful to heart patients or people suffering excessive stress and hypertension.

Risk of Heart Disease

If you drink too much, the components can harm your heart and blood vessels. This is more common in people with existing heart conditions. So, you should consult your doctor before taking any energy drink. In addition, limit the amount you drink depending on your health. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Energy Drink

Before choosing any energy drink with some creatine, it’s better to look for other factors. By doing this, you can then easily make the right choice.


Always look at the ingredient list of energy drinks and all kinds of foods. Check that the drink has high amounts of creatine, either creatine monohydrate or creatine hydrochloride. Better to skip other types like super creatine or different amino acids that can interfere with the function of pure creatine source.


You need the right amount of creatine for regular use. Any energy drink must have a minimum of 5g of creatine. But the more, the better. Otherwise, it won’t make any significant changes.

Artificial Flavors and Sweeteners

Avoid drinks containing artificial additives, as these can negatively impact health. Look for natural sweeteners like sugar or honey and fruit flavors.


If you find that a can of energy drink per day is too expensive and comes closer to the supplement package, then there is no point in buying it. Compare prices and then choose between energy drinks and supplements.

The Bottom Line

Energy drinks with creatine are great for our physical health. These provide instant energy and strength to focus well on workouts and other activities. They also become a cheaper alternative for long-term creatine supplement intake. Besides, they are available in different flavors.

However, most drinks don’t have sufficient creatine and may mislead you into thinking there is any. These usually have super creatine which helps to feel energized but is not equally effective as creatine for muscle-building.

Before you get any energy drink, ensure there is creatine, and the drink is suitable according to your health condition. Talk to your doctor before making a decision. Otherwise, the supplements are better to use.

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