Creatine and Contraception: A Deep Dive for Women

Birth control makes life convenient and saves you from accidents while you two are in the mood. However, they mess up your hormones sometimes.

Women who are into fitness and contraception face a bit more complexity as dietary supplements impact bodily function differently. Here, we are more into creatine. Does creatine affect birth control?

Creatine has minimal effect on the adrenal glands that control hormones, so it doesn’t interfere with birth control. After absorption, creatine is used up by the liver to produce more ATP in the muscles, while birth control pills work mainly in the uterus.

Stick with us as we explore the science behind creatine, its interaction (or lack thereof) with birth control, and what it means for your workout routine and contraceptive choices. Let’s get those knowledge gains together!

Interactions Between Creatine And Birth Control

Creatine doesn’t affect birth control; it only works with muscle tissues to produce more energy.

There are claims that supplements like creatine might interfere with birth control due to creatine-enhanced metabolism. Most birth control pills have EE and progestins that are broken down by proteins in the body called CYP450 enzymes. These enzymes can make birth control less effective.

Some studies also showed that creatine would help with muscle tissue damage from injury faster while on birth control. Oral contraceptives make the muscles more susceptible to damage, and creatine will ensure you recover faster.

You might also worry that birth control might increase creatine levels, namely creatine phosphokinase, since it is made naturally. More creatine without proper digestion means more creatinine, which harms the liver and kidneys. But research shows that this doesn’t happen.

You might suffer from hormonal imbalance due to birth control, and creatine might also elevate this issue. But creatine’s impact is minimal compared to birth control. Eventually, the problem will disappear once the body adjusts to the changes.

does creatine affect birth control

Can You Take Creatine While Pregnant?

While creatine might cause some hormonal changes, it hardly creates any adverse reactions in pregnant women. However, there was a study that said that creatine might impact the neuronal development of the fetus, but not yet any proven results.

The best thing would be to consult your gynecologist or physician before starting creatine and ensure it won’t cause any problems.

Creatine and Different Forms of Birth Control

Although people resort to birth control pills the most for contraception, there are other types of birth control. While on creatine, you might consider the effects on all of them.

Birth Control Pills

Creatine has little or no effect on birth control pills. When you are taking the pills initially, they can cause hormonal imbalance and mess up the menstrual cycle. But if you take creatine, you might suffer from other side effects like bloating, nausea, stomach pain, or diarrhea but nothing related to birth control.

Estrogen doesn’t have much interaction with creatine, unlike testosterone. In men, testosterone levels increase when you take high doses of creatine. But women don’t get elevated levels of either testosterone or estrogen. But to remain safe, take low amounts of creatine till the body adjusts to the new medication.


An implant will be placed in the body permanently to be replaced later. It releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. So, you might suffer from a messed up menstrual cycle. But creatine doesn’t interfere with its functions.

However, since implants primarily reside on the arms, increases in muscles due to creatine might cause minor symptoms like swelling, water retention, or cramps. But both work effectively without impacting the other. Slowly, the problems will go away. If you face any issues, consult your doctor immediately.

How to Prevent These Problems?

Firstly, you can continue with birth control, but with guidance from your healthcare professional. Be on pills or any form, take it as per direction to increase the effect by 90%. If you miss any dose, contact your doctor to help you get back on track. If the pills interact with creatine, stop taking them and use other contraception.

Supplements That Affect Birth Control Pills

Apart from creatine, here are some other supplements with specific ingredients that might interact with birth control.

  • Soy Isoflavones
  • Vitamins A and C
  • Potassium
  • Melatonin

Does Magnesium Affect Birth Control Pills?

No substantial evidence suggests that magnesium supplements significantly impact the effectiveness of birth control pills. Contrarily, birth control pills may deplete the body of magnesium, increasing the need for magnesium supplementation.

Does L-Glutamine Affect Birth Control?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that L-glutamine, an amino acid often taken as a supplement, has any significant impact on the effectiveness of birth control.

Does Vitamin B12 Affect Birth Control?

Vitamin B12 does not interfere with the efficacy of any form of female birth control. However, a study on 200 women taking oral contraceptives found them to have vitamins B6 and B12 and folate deficiency.

Medicines That Interfere Birth Control Pills

  • Any Antibiotics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Drugs for HIV
  • Antifungal medicines
  • Diabetes medicines
  • Drugs to control stress and anxiety
  • Hypertension medication
  • Anti-nausea medicines
  • Antidepressants
  • St. John’s Wort for anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Laxatives


Can creatine interact with birth control to diminish its effects?

Creatine might impact the hormonal imbalance in some women already caused by birth control. But neither interferes in any way, making them less effective. If you don’t see any result from either creatine or birth control, it might happen because they aren’t suitable for your condition.

Does creatine mess up the hormonal cycle in women?

Some studies have shown that estrogen levels may increase with creatine. But this isn’t conclusive yet, and in no way harmful. Instead, creatine might stabilize the menstrual cycle, keeping a balance and removing different symptoms.

Is creatine safe for women?

Creatine works the same in women as men, with similar benefits of gaining more muscles and overall strength. It is safe to intake and becomes easier to digest with water. Some side effects like bloating, cramps, and digestive stress are common and minimal.

Does Creatine Affect Birth Control: The Bottom Line

Creatine is all-in-all safe to intake with minor side effects. The side effects or other health problems are manageable with the correct dose and sufficient hydration. Although it interferes with the functions of several drugs and supplements, studies have found no problems with birth control.

The issues of birth control, mainly hormonal imbalance, don’t impact creatine’s functions. Likewise, creatine doesn’t cause any changes, so birth control might not work. If you face any problem or no result, it might be because they aren’t the correct type.
So, always consult a healthcare expert to prescribe regular birth control and a creatine supplement. Follow the exact regime or our informative blogs to avoid any mishaps

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