Creatine and Accutane Together: Risk or Gain?

Are Accutane and creatine together a health hazard? Accutane is a powerful medicine; any medicine like this is usually advised to take solo. It helps to maintain our health without suffering from more side effects. 

But how do you tackle the situation if you take a supplement like creatine for energy and muscle-building? Without Accutane, you can have severe damage to the skin, and you can’t just quit midway through the supplement plan. 

Can you take creatine while on Accutane?

Accutane goes straight to the kidneys while creatine is absorbed into the liver, so the two don’t interact. Both creatine and Accutane put pressure on the liver and cause water retention. Hence, it is advisable to skip supplements while on Accutane.

But you can try other natural and holistic ways to treat acne.

How do creatine and Accutane affect the body, and what to avoid or intake during this medication? Read on to find out.

Can You Take Creatine While on Accutane?

Generally, Accutane and creatine won’t interact inside the body since Accutane is filtered out by the liver, whereas creatine reaches the kidneys. So, if you take the two together, it might not cause any health issues.

However, this isn’t recommended by health experts and consumers. This is because Accutane is a potent drug with vitamin A, which can trigger joint or back pain as a side effect. Creatine is also said to cause cramping. So, when you are taking both, you are increasing the risk of having body aches. 

But if you want more creatine, go for natural sources like red meat rather than a supplement.

So, unless you need extra energy, it is better to avoid mixing creatine with Accutane. But if you work out a lot and need creatine, consult a healthcare specialist before taking it with Accutane. Make sure you maintain the regular limit of creatine while on Accutane.

Creatine and Accutane

Creatine is naturally found in the body, but you can also take it as a supplement for an extra boost. The primary function is to offer more energy for heavy workouts and training. If you take creatine, you will have energy stored as ATP for lifting weights and sprinting.

Besides, creatine increases lean muscle mass, as athletes and bodybuilders desire. When you have more energy, you can work harder. However, creatine can also cause some side effects, especially pains, bloating, and damage to the liver and kidneys. But in the long run, creatine is a very effective and useful supplement for us.

On the other hand, Accutane is a medication for acne. Doctors primarily prescribe it for treating severe cystic acne. Its function is to reduce facial oil secretion and decrease acne growth. If acne isn’t treated correctly, it can cause severe skin scarring. 

Since Accutane is a high-potency medicine from the retinoid group, you shouldn’t mix it with other drugs. That’s why creatine or any other supplement isn’t recommended without a doctor’s advice. Both will cause severe dehydration due to water retention. 

Can You Take Amino Acids While on Accutane?

Most people who take Accutane found no problem with amino acid or protein supplements simultaneously. In contrast to creatine, amino acids have a little problem with water retention and other common side effects. So, whether you want to take both together depends on your choice.

However, this is also dependent on your health condition. You must take supplements and medicines if your body needs more amino acids. But if your skin is sensitive or dry, avoid supplements and use natural amino acid sources. 

Can I Take a Pre-workout on Accutane?

You should avoid any medication or supplements with vitamin A while on Accutane as it might cause a counter-reaction. Others are fine but not recommended. Similar to creatine, it is better to avoid Pre-workout as well, as it might cause some unwanted side effects.

However, if you don’t have issues like dry skin or cramps, you can take small doses of Pre-workout with Accutane. 

Supplements to Take on While on Accutane

Since Accutane is a medicine, you might want some supplements to ensure it is effective. These supplements will work alongside Accutane and boost its function. However, none of these are supplements to increase muscle mass or energy. 

  • You can take multivitamins like C, B, and E with a retinoid, but not vitamin A.
  • Zinc is also an excellent mineral to work with Accutane.
  • Acidophilus is safe with Accutane.

Taking these supplements gives you more strength to fight against diseases with increased immunity. This is necessary to enhance the performance of protein or creatine supplements. 

Accutane and Creatine Side Effects

Creatine alone has some common side effects with regular use. When taking Accutane and creatine together, the body faces two significant health hazards.

Liver Toxicity

Creatine is said to affect the liver in the long run seriously. Besides, creatine is usually absorbed into the liver to transfer energy to the cells. When Accutane and creatine reach the liver together, it increases the risk of liver toxicity even more. This means you are prone to hepatitis or liver failure. 

Water Retention

Since creatine uses up water in the body, it causes water retention. This is a huge problem for patients with dry skin; this is a huge problem since they will suffer from dehydration, dry lips, and skin fragility. Then you get more at risk of acne growth and sunburns. So, Accutane becomes less effective, but this happens to a small percentage of patients. 

However, this can be solved by drinking more fluids. People with other skin types face fewer problems with water retention even by taking creatine with Accutane. 

How to Protect the Liver While on Accutane?

Since the liver is susceptible to damage from Accutane for a long time, you must be on constant monitoring while taking medicine. Your dermatologist might give some tests and advise you to avoid drugs, other remedies, or foods.

But there are other remedies that you can try to keep your liver healthy. This will keep off any effect from Accutane.

  • Maintain weight by eating less fat and carbs to avoid a fatty liver.
  • Eat a balanced diet with protein-rich items, so you don’t need supplements. 
  • Drink a lot of water and other fluids.  
  • Exercise to allow the muscles to loosen and prevent cramping.  
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, needles, or any drug.
  • Keep your hands clean and avoid sharing personal items that can transfer hepatitis, like nail clippers, hair brushes, razors, toothbrushes, etc. 


What should you avoid while on Accutane?

Besides common drugs and protein-rich supplements, you must avoid certain drugs during an Accutane medication routine. These are supposedly more hazardous than supplements to affect health. Your doctor would ask you to avoid any vitamin A supplements, antibiotics, or other acne treatments, including skin products, phenytoin, exposure to the sun, or any cosmetic treatment like laser therapy or waxing. 

Can you take NAC with Accutane?

NAC is an acne treatment, and if you are already taking Accutane, you don’t need any other drugs. They won’t cause serious problems. If you want to take them together, consult your doctor. 

Is drinking tea alright while taking Accutane?

There is no problem with drinking tea and Accutane. Drinking tea regularly will fill up the fluid loss from Accutane, which benefits the body. You can drink any tea, but green and herbal teas are more effective. 

Final Words

So, can you take creatine with Accutane? The answer is it depends.

If your body reacts well with Accutane without many side effects, then a small dose of creatine won’t harm you. But doctors usually advise you to avoid any supplement with strong medicines. This will ensure that the medicine doesn’t react with others and has full treatment effectiveness. 

Creatine and Accutane are said to have a lot of impact on the liver leading to toxicity. Besides, you also have the discomfort of dryness from them. To avoid such problems, either keep off any supplement intake. Or you can consult with your doctor and maintain some home remedies, like drinking water or exercising, to avoid these side effects.

Then you have clear skin and strong muscles together with a healthy body. 

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